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Denied for Social Security Disability

Have you been denied for Social Security Disability?

Are you feeling exhausted and frustrated by getting denied for Social Security Disability?

Before you even think about giving up, remember the struggles which brought you to where you are today, and don’t lose hope.

If everybody gave up when life got tough, we wouldn’t have some of the successful influences of whom we have to look up to today.

You owe it to yourself and your life to work for what you deserve and getting denied for Social Security Disability should not be a bump in the road, but an overcoming, monumental journey in which you will benefit from.

Whichever stage that you are of getting denied for Social Security Disability, Dan McCaskell is here in California to help you defeat it.

Dan McCaskell has decades of experience to determine if you meet Social Security benefit requirements, so that you can finally overcome your Social Security Disability denial and move on with living your life in California to the fullest.

Social Security Benefits Denied

When you receive a Social Security denial letter, your first thoughts might be, “Why are my Social Security benefits denied?”

There are various reasons why Social Security Disability can be denied.

Is your Social Security Disability denied the first time or is your Social Security Disability denied three times?

Whatever the answer may be and however many times that you have been denied Social Security benefits, Dan McCaskell will help you overcome the struggles that denied Social Security Disability appeals bring along with them.

It is easy to lose hope and get discouraged, but with Dan’s help, together you will battle through your Social Security Disability struggles and come out stronger in the end!

Reasons Social Security Disability Denied

If I had a dime for every time that I have heard, “Social Security denied my claim”, I would be so wealthy that I would be paying Social Security off to my clients myself.

Hearing that so many individuals are denied for Social Security Disability in California is not something that is easy or pleasant to hear. I am always willing to do whatever I can to help my clients overcome their battle with Social Security, and to ultimately give them hope and happiness for the rest of their lives.

When a client has experienced a denied Social Security Disability appeal, I sit down with them afterwards and explore the reasons why Social Security Disability could have been denied.

#1: Lack of Medical Evidence

Whether you are denied Social Security Disability for PTSD or denied Social Security retirement benefits, both (and all) cases require hard medical evidence.

No matter what health complications that you are going through, Social Security needs to have proof in your medical evidence that your condition is keeping you from working.

Most denied Social Security Disability claims are because of the lack of medical evidence. If you want to qualify for disability benefits, you have to prove that you are unable to work due to your disabling condition.

Adequate medical records should show that your disability has interfered with your ability to perform work activities.

For example, you might be seeing your physician every month for severe back pain but if your doctor is not documenting how the pain interferes with your ability to work, then there is a high possibility that your claim for Social Security Disability will be denied.

Social Security will not send you to the doctors for a medical exam in order to gather one-time evidence that is needed to quality and approve a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Your doctor should be monitoring and documenting your health struggles and how they affect other parts of your life, like not being able to participate in the workforce.

The medical records kept by your primary care physician are the most important aspect in determining the success of your claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

#2: Prior Denials

Many individuals think that filing a new disability claim is more beneficial than appealing a denied claim, which is incorrect.

In some situations, a claim will be denied when the person reviewing the claim sees that you have already applied for Social Security Disability and were denied benefits in the past.

Going through the appeals process with Dan McCaskell rather than filing a new claim for Social Security Disability will give you a higher chance of success if your initial claim was already denied.

#3: Failure to Follow Treatment

If your doctor gives you a treatment that you fail to follow, the Social Security Administration will deny your claim. The examiner will not be able to accurately determine whether or not your condition truly prevents you from being unable to work if you are unwilling to abide with the treatment.

If there is a valid reason for not following through with the treatment prescribed by your doctor, you can explain that during the appeals process. Dan McCaskell would be happy to represent you during that time to ensure that you are doing everything correctly to finally conquer your denied Social Security.

#4: Failure to Cooperate

It is in your best interest to cooperate with the Social Security Administration during the application process. Dan McCaskell will be the Social Security Claimant Representative that you can count on to be by your side for compassionate support. I will give you the tips and tricks to ensure cooperation during this time.

Also, if you fail to provide the Social Security office with requested documentation or fail to show up to your scheduled medical exams, your claim will be denied immediately. I will make sure that your case is handled correctly, and that all documents that are needed will be provided to Social Security in a timely manner.

There are numerous other reasons Social Security Disability is denied, but those are Dan McCaskell’s top choices.

How Many Times Can you be Denied Social Security Disability?

There are four levels of appeal when it comes to your Social Security Disability claim:

1. Request for consideration

2. Administrative law judge hearing

3. Appeals Council proceeding

4. Federal Court review

This may seem like you have four opportunities to appeal your Social Security Disability claim, but it doesn’t mean that you can or should appeal at each level.

Typically, claimants who have their initial appeal denied will appeal twice.

First, they file a request for consideration from the Social Security Administration and go to an administrative law judge hearing.

The Appeals Council selects disability claim cases to review where only a handful of cases find success at this level.

After the Appeals Council, the claimant can file a lawsuit against the SSA in federal court. This gives you a better chance at success, although it is an extensive and expensive process.

Percentage of Social Security Disability Claims Denied

A whopping 70% of social security disability applications face denial upon initial evaluation.

Hiring a dedicated, denied Social Security Disability lawyer like Dan McCaskell can help reduce that 70% tremendously.

Dan McCaskell is here at any and every step of your battle journey of getting denied for Social Security Disability.

Whether this was your first or third Social Security denial, Dan McCaskell is still here to help you overcome your denied Social Security.

Denied Social Security Disability Appeal

You may feel stuck thinking, “Denied Social Security, now what?”

Don’t lose hope.

No matter what stage that you are at in getting denied for Social Security Disability, Dan McCaskell is a denied Social Security Disability lawyer who can and will help you.

Don’t let the discouragements bring you down and take over your life. You have the power to change your world, and it starts with Dan McCaskell, Claimant Representative in Santa Rosa, California.

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