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Social Security Disability Case Reviews

Dan McCaskell is Experienced and Dedicated To Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Case! Read Excellent Reviews From Real Clients.

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5/8/22 Deborah K. 

Dan and his team have been very responsive and understanding during this very trying time for me.   Dan's experience with the Social Security Administration allowed me to focus on my healing. Save yourself the stress of dealing with the Social Security Administration and call Dan.

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11/29/21 Marina E.

I needed some advice and was feeling unsettled as my situation is pretty uncommon. I didn't know who to turn to. Dr. McCaskell's secretary was off so he returned my call. Even though he would not have worked with me he spent 40 minutes on the phone with me to calm my nerves. If he were to handle your case you are in very educated and thoughtful hands.

Dan & Staff,

Thank you all for your help! I was ready to give up many times I wrote notes to call you all to say forget it. You all are amazing!! I will highly recommend you all. Keep up the great work! I appreciate you all for your hard work & dedication to help all in need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

J. Rodgers (CA)


Dear Dan and Tina,

Thank you so much for your guidance during this process. I appreciate all the work you did and support you gave me.

Sincerely, K. Bohem (CA)


Dan & Staff,

Thank you for putting up with me and all the help & fight you gave me!

Thank you, R. Moulton (CA)


Dear Dan and Tina,

Thank you so very much for your patience & support during that long worrisome process to get approved for disability. You’re both Angels for your services of providing emotional guidance & relief for wounded people. I appreciate your help & will always be grateful.

Bless you! J. Hammons (CA)


Dr. Dan McCaskell, Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran, is intelligent, honorable, and he knows what he is doing. Tina and Griselda are skilled and experienced, with the knowledge needed to process claims efficiently. Thank you, Dr. Dan McCaskell!

Valerie Sumner (Petaluma, CA)


I just want to thank you for all your help and incredible work on my case. I have struggled so much throughout my past and it has meant so much to me to have someone truly helping me and understanding what I go through. This change will help me feel more safe and secure, and to be able to live my life with more freedom to heal myself. 
Sincerely, Emma D. (CA)


Thank you for your compassion and professionalism in a difficult process. You have made the process palatable and plausible.

I am grateful for having your support. Tom L. (CA)


Jon and I both are very grateful to you for your help with his case. Neither of us clearly understood why he was denied before, now we do. Now we can put this ear behind us. Thank you so much! 

Sincerely, Maggie H. (CA)


Thanks a million for all you have done for me in navigating successfully through the daunting SSDI system. I deeply appreciate not only your skill and professionalism but also the kindness, concern, and human element you bring to the work you do. You are simply the best! You made a complicated and difficult process smooth and easier to bear. 
Much gratitude, Lucy (CA)


Dr. Dan & Staff, All of you do your jobs extremely well!

Sincerest thanks to all, Shelley E. (CA)


The words "Thank you" don’t seem to be enough. You have given me the quality of life that I had only hoped for before I walked into your office. With your guidance I can now live my life with some dignity and a feeling of independence.

Again thank you for all your efforts. M.R. (CA)


Thank you for everything you did for me as my representative and treating me as a person and not a number.

Frank (CA)


Thank you to you and your staff for all of your work on my behalf. I appreciate the care you have shown to my family and me and I am truly grateful to you. 
Sincerely, Christine J. (CA)


Thank you so much for all of your efforts on my behalf. You and your work have had a huge impact on my life. I can’t begin to tell you the difference getting my social security disability is making both financially and to my peace of mind. 
With sincere gratitude, Karen D. (CA)


I know you spent a great deal of time reviewing my son’s case. I was very impressed by your consideration of my son’s file and sorry that things did not work out. I have however recommended you to a co-worker. I will continue to recommend you, as you are a kind and skilled representative. 
Sincerely, Lillian B. (CA)


Dear Dan and Office Staff,
I want to thank you for everything you’ve done. I think you are great at what you do. Again, I cannot thank you all enough for a job well done. 
Sincerely, Lisa B. (CA)


Dan McCaskell is a genius at figuring out how to present each individual case to the judge and court. It seems like it takes forever for your case to finally have a court date. At that moment you become the complete focus of Dan McCaskell and his entire staff. I have been an office manager for many years and recognize his office works as smooth as glass and is set up to assist, guide and prepare you through each step. I will recommend Dan to all who need his expertise.

Yours truly, Jan (CA)


Thank you for your dedication and support for my SSI case. You are a very kind man. You helped me at a time that was truly critical in my life. 
Sincerely, Edna G. (CA)


Thank you for you service. You certainly know your stuff! 
Gratefully, Sharon H. (CA)


Thank you so much for representing me, and for your counseling.

You really put me at ease. Monica B. (CA)


I am truly grateful for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for representing me with my disability case and all of the hard work that was involved. Thank you for taking my phone calls and reassuring me when I was crying and scared. Please thank your office staff also, especially Tina, who is always kind and patient with me no matter how busy she is and how often I call.

Sincerely, Cynthia J. (CA)


Your service has given me a second chance at life and my first opportunity for a healthy, whole and balanced one. Forever in your gratitude, you are a permanent pillar in my recovery.

Thank you! M.I. (CA)


Dear Dan and Staff,
Taking a moment from pinching myself to send a note of gratitude. Thank you all most sincerely for your effort toward changing my life – it worked! 
In great appreciation and gratitude, Vicky A. (CA)

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