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How to Win Social Security Disability Hearing

Having a permanent disability that prevents you from working can be emotionally overwhelming and financially detrimental. Not only are you struggling to make ends meet, but the constant pain or discomfort that your body continuously radiates may make it tough for you to get inspired about much in your daily life anymore.

Despite all the negatives that a disability can bear upon an individual, the one statistic that is comforting to hear is that over half of the claimants who go through a Social Security disability hearing end up winning!

You may not be able to control your disability, but you can control the outcome of your future financial stability.

Don’t let yourself get discouraged or bothered by your luck of the draw and contact Dan McCaskell, Social Security Claimant Representative in Santa Rosa, CA.

Attorney for Social Security Disability

Your chances of successfully applying the first time or overcoming a claim denial without a claimant representative are very low, which is why it is highly beneficial for you to contact Dan McCaskell, Social Security Claimant Expert.

From a former social security hearings expert to a long-time disability evaluator, Dan McCaskell has over 30 years of experience in the field and is determined to give you the benefits and help you may need.

Dan McCaskell is Santa Rosa’s most prestigious Social Security Disability Representative who carries the compassion and understanding necessary in order to overcome the challenges that his clients are facing throughout their daily lives.

A skilled, honorable and caring Social Security Disability Representative is exactly who you need by your side as you’re going through life’s objections and demands.

Social Security Disability Hearing

The idea of answering an administrative judge’s questions at a disability hearing can be intimidating, you should prepare yourself to answer each question with honesty and transparency.

Apart from being honest throughout the entire appeals process, other steps that you can take to win a Social Security Disability Appeal are:

Hire a Social Security Claimant Representative: Going through the disability hearing process on your own can be stressful and overwhelm individuals more than they would if they went through the process with a compassionate professional. Dan McCaskell is ready to take on the Social Security Disability Appeals process with you to relieve your anxiety and ultimately win your disability appeal.

Answer the Question: It sounds a bit bizarre, but one of the more common mistakes that disability claimants can make is failing to answer the specific question asked by the judge. Paying close attention and keeping your answer to a sentence or two will increase your chances of the judge fully understanding you, and ultimately giving you a better chance at winning.

Stay on Subject: Dan McCaskell understands that the hearing process is a nerve-wrecking and pressuring experience for claimants. Rambling under pressure is something that we tend to do without even thinking about it at times. When doing so, the judge will stop listening and miss important statements that you make if you stray away from their specific questions.

Dan McCaskell is determined to have you fully focused for your disability hearing by going over practice questions and curveballs prior to your hearing in order to guarantee that you’re thoroughly prepared.

If you notice that you’re starting to stray off topic, take a deep breath and refocus your answer to be prompt and to the point.

Be Specific About Your Symptoms: Specific answers about your disability will give the judge a clear picture about your impairment. Using particular, descriptive words about your pain and where it is located will help the judge understand exactly what you are going through and how it ultimately makes you feel.

The judge will concentrate on the symptoms that you state in order to ensure that they are consistent with your medical condition and give you the credibility that you need in the end.

Be Prepared to Explain Gaps in Medical History: A disability claimant can have periods of time where they received little or no treatment, and the judge will be interested to hear your explanation of these gaps in care. All you can do is be fully honest about why you didn’t seek treatment, whether it was because of your lack of insurance, or that your symptoms simply improved during that time. Being dishonest with the judge risks the loss of credibility and ultimately losing your disability claim.

Explain Your Daily Life: Oftentimes, judges will ask the disability claimant how their daily lives have been impacted or changed upon impairment. Paint the judge a detailed and descriptive picture of your everyday life, and don’t be afraid to mention activities that you used to do on a daily basis that may be out of the question now.

Whether or not you can perform in certain aspects of life on your own is vital information that the judge will take into account when determining whether or not you would have extreme difficulty performing various types of jobs.

Don’t be Embarrassed: Regardless of your impairment, the personal information discussed at a disability hearing may make the claimant uncomfortable or uneasy. Keep in mind that your judge has heard hundreds and thousands of testimonies from every disability imaginable, and the sole purpose of his role is to ultimately determine whether or not you meet Social Security Administration’s definition of disability.

Setting aside any embarrassment you may have and being transparent will increase your chances of winning your disability hearing.

Dan McCaskell is Santa Rosa’s prominent Social Security Claimant Representative who has the care and compassion that his clients need to be adequately assisted throughout the disability appeals process.

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