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Motivational Speaker: Dan McCaskell

It is one of the most confusing, hectic and dysfunctional years that the world has seen in a while.

2020 truly is one for the (history) books.

The entire world may be dealing with CO-VID 19 in their own unique ways, but one thing that we all share in common is the unprecedented lack of motivation in our everyday lives and careers.

What’s worse is that disabled individuals who were building up the courage to finally branch out, find employment that they can perform and a career that they enjoy doing, are now entirely uninspired and unmotivated.

The human mind wasn’t designed to deal with challenges all on its own.

One of the best motivational speakers of all time, Dan McCaskell awaits you to build up the courage to make the call that will change your life for the better.

Best Motivational Speaker

The physical, mental and financial struggles that come with a disability are beyond what the human mind can endure all on its own.

Motivation is a tricky thing to obtain, but it isn’t impossible with the right help.

Motivational speaker, Dan McCaskell, is by your side to help you overcome the daily struggles that your disability may bring upon you physically, mentally and emotionally.

With over 30 years of experience, Dan McCaskell is a motivational speaker, combat veteran, teacher, coach, former Social Security hearings and appeals expert, who also holds 3 national board certifications and a Ph.D. in neuropsychology.

Dan McCaskell is Northern California’s best motivational speaker who has the knowledge and power to bring his clients up and out of their unambitious rut that they may be stuck in.

Dan McCaskell’s motivational speaker skills have the potential to inspire and influence his clients into seeking more, doing better, being greater for themselves.

Not only will Dan McCaskell help you find employment that you can do with no limitations, he will keep you energized and excited about how you can achieve anything that you truly want in the world.

What does a Motivational Speaker do?

Dan McCaskell is a motivational speaker who will help you sustain your motivational mindset and inspire you to take positive steps for yourself that will, ultimately, give your mind the desire to be motivated all the time.

The science behind motivation is quite interesting.

The human brain thrives on motivation because of the dopamine that our brains’ neurotransmitters release when sparking the chemical messages to keep us alert and on task.

Dopamine performs its tasks before humans obtain rewards, so dopamine’s job is to encourage our minds to act, whether it is to achieve something good or avoid something bad.

Individuals feel motivated during a dopamine spike because your body anticipates that something important is about to happen and it can affect your productivity in various ways.

Once your mind feels the reward of motivation, it will want to keep feeling it over and over.

We mentioned that Dan has a Ph.D. in neurophysiology, didn’t we?

Motivational speaker, Dan McCaskell, has his way of keeping his clients determined and inspired.

Dan McCaskell maintains a motivational mindset with his clients by feeding their minds with rewarding experiences and doing things like:

· Setting incremental goals

· Recording small accomplishments

· Sharing your results with family and friends

· Making deadlines to stay on task

· Focusing on the value of your work

· Testing out productivity tools to make overwhelming work more doable

Every time that a client completes a challenge, their dopamine levels will spark as a result of the brain’s positive reinforcement, and they will feel inspired to do it again and again.

Motivational Speaker California

The best motivational speaker in Northern California, Dan McCaskell encourages you to get the help that you need in staying active, positive and motivated even after your disability.

Don’t let your disability bring your mind, body and soul down.

Take charge of your life and refuse to settle for anything less.

Contact motivational speaker, Dan McCaskell, to drive you to do better for yourself and your life.

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